Fashion freedom. That's what Atty London is all about—breaking the boundaries of British fashion and bringing looks from around the world to your door. From Australia to Europe, Europe to the Americas, and across the Pacific to Asia, Atty London brings fashion trends from around the globe together. It makes sense, then, that they chose our global team of web developers to bring their website to life, and give fans a place to discover the world of fashion at large.

Atty London Ecommerce Shop Phone

Working with Metal Potato has been so painless and enjoyable!
Alexandra Pope


To build the site, we worked with Atty London’s team to design a highly-polished website that’s not only responsive to all screen sizes, but also integrates powerful conversion tools like an elegant eCommerce store with custom, pre-order functionality, a MailChimp system to build newsletter contacts, and a beautifully-rendered Instagram feed that helps visitors discover even more of Atty London’s styles.

The entire website is built from the ground-up to bring the feel and quality of Atty London’s fashion to customer’s smartphones, tablets and computers—and, to build a relationship with the brand that keeps them coming back for more. And because their customers will be coming back for more often, Atty London chose to secure their website with a Potato Care plan that keeps their website backed up, secure and running smoothly via maintenance from our staff and hosting through our cloud-based servers.

Atty London and Metal Potato—together, we’re helping to raise the profile of global fashion with one of Britain’s hottest rising websites.

Ecommerce Web Design
Ecommerce Website Design

Creating an e-commerce start up with a clear vision in mind isn’t simple, however working with Metal Potato has been painless and enjoyable seeing it all come together. They were on hand to assist with all aspects and worked with us to ensure our attention to detail was created. We have already received many compliments on our site and have a platform we are proud of and look forward to continually building with Metal Potato in the future.
Alexandra Pope