Terrible. Awful. Atrocious. We’re on a mission to find a website that fits all of these adjectives. In fact, we’d love to find one so awful that only a mother could love, call it the eelpout of websites.

To find it, Team Spud is proud to bring you the first ever “Worst Website In” contest. In our inaugural competition, we’re zeroing in on the world of recreational fishing—home to some of our most beloved clients (MidWest Outdoors, AnglersChannel.com, Fishing Tackle Retailer), and some of the most God-forsaken web designs to haunt the internet since MySpace. There, in this no-man’s land of liquid crystal leeches, we’re aiming to find the website that’s sucking the most joy out of its owners and visitors.

Give us your worst, and we’ll give you our best.

That’s the deal. Between now and December 17, we’ll be accepted entries into the Worst Website in Fishing Contest. The winner will receive a complete website redesign on us, a $15,000 value. But even in a world of losers, each entrant will receive a free website audit valued at $400.

Why? Because hell hath no fury like a horrible web design. The abominations coming from this industry are so hideous that they’re setting an entire industry up for failure. As Amazon sets its sights on selling to fishermen, independent business owners are lined up like bowling pins waiting to be sent to the gutter. Through industry contacts and insight, we identified recreational fishing as one of the industries most vulnerable to hostile, corporate eCommerce takeover.

Now, we’re going to give tackle store owners, fishing guides, and tackle manufacturers a weapon to fight with. We’re going to teach as many of them as possible how to do eCommerce the right way. Then, we’re going to give one lucky winner that grand prize, total overhaul. But even if your website is not the worst, but is merely in need of a facelift, you should enter, because a second website prize will be given, based on a random drawing. And just for entering you’re guaranteed to win a free website audit!

Back in the day, Metal Potato started as a web design firm set to help small business owners. And though we’ve grown over the years, we remain—at our heart—a small business that wants to make the world better for other small businesses.

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