Dozens of entrants have poured in, and with $20,000 in web design on the line, two lucky site owners are going to receive free web design from Metal Potato just in time for the holidays.

Our grand prize winner has finally arrived. Fresh off the boat from a transatlantic voyage, the Worst Website in Fishing is here.

Over the course of four weeks, Metal Potato collaborated with experts at North America fishing publications Fishing Tackle Retailer, MidWest Outdoors, and to crown the Worst Website in Fishing.

Every year, we like to give away a web design for free,” says Metal Potato web designer Andrew MacDonald. “This year, we thought we’d up the ante a little and have a friendly competition. With three major clients in the American fishing industry, hosting a competition for their readers felt like a no-brainer.”

The winner of Fishing’s Worst Website came down to this—a combination of terrible design, or lack of design at all, and a heart-warming story.

In the end, the winning website didn’t really have a design. There was just a mess of pages with random text and images thrown on them, like a school kid’s book report in Word,” says MacDonald. “The website we picked to win will not only help their business succeed, but it will help foster the sport of fishing by helping more children get out on the water.

Fishing’s Worst Website winner is VIP Adventures of Minnesota.

30 years ago, Marc Deschenes began converting old salt ponds into sustainable fisheries. By cleaning them, filling them with cover such as brush and blow downs, and eventually stocking them with fish, Marc created 10 unique and prolific fisheries in his home state. Since then, he’s spent three decades taking kids and their parents out on the water. And though Marc’s customer service and mission might be VIP, nothing about his website could be called the same.

That’s why we’re going to redesign it for him,” MacDonald says. “It’s a great chance to help kids and help a small business owner grow.

A Second Winner

Due to the bevy of entries into Fishing Worst Website content, Metal Potato designers decided to give away a second free website. This website goes to a submission chosen by random drawing. This year’s bonus winner is Light Lines Guiding of Massachusetts. Owner Allan Butler will receive the same golden treatment as our grand prize winner, while we work to redevelop his website in time for the spring fishing season.

This contest was full of gut-wrenching stories,” McDonald adds. “I wish we could give away a website to each of these people, because nothing breaks my heart like hearing about a rogue web developer or a host that’s terrible at customer service. Unfortunately, we can’t do that. But we can still work with everyone who submitted a website and a story to help them make a huge upgrade online.