Back that site up. A few summers ago, we learned that lesson the hard way.

How? The same way most people do: our website went down, was taken offline and took days to restore. Technically, we had a website backup, but it was a once per week backup from an old hosting service that we subsequently no longer use. Once a week, we thought, was adequate for the amount of security our website needed. The odds of being taken offline are what? Infinitesimal, or so what thought.

But reality is a little different than perception. The perception is that the internet is so big, the likelihood of something bad happening to your website is slim. The reality is that the internet is so big, the likelihood of something happening to your website is quite high. That’s why we created a new WordPress backup facility as part of our Potato Care service.

Potato Care created a backup of your website every day. That’s seven times more often than most hosting services. And that means when something bad happens—worst case, you get hacked; best case, a plugin update causes a crash—your website can be restored with minimal impact within minutes. Not days—minutes.

That’s case number one for WordPress backups being important. They minimise the fallout when a website is compromised and protect against problems that arise when your website needs an update. (Typically, that’s several times per month.)

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you might be taking daily website backups on your own. And that’s fine. But, what happens when you are too tired? Or your schedule is too crazy and you forget? No backup, right? Potato Care is an automated WordPress backup service that heads to the office daily no matter what. Even when you don’t want to.

Actually, we have to be honest, Potato Care is more than that. In addition to daily WordPress backups, Potato Care handles WordPress updates, website plugin updates and regular monthly maintenance, as well as web hosting and email facilities.

So how do you sign up? Just head to to get your daily WordPress backup on track, starting today.