What’s in a server? No, not the guy bringing you snacks at the pub. We mean your web hosting server: the heartbeat of your website.

If a clean, responsive web design is the soul of your website, your server is the heart. Servers pump lifeblood through your website—tiny, silicone and electric lifeblood, but lifeblood nonetheless. They keep your website online, keep it moving, keep sales going through and emails coming in. A healthy server is a lot like a healthy heart—if you’ve got one, you probably don’t think about it much at all. You just keep on walking and talking and laughing and running. But, if you’ve got a bad one, you’re in for world of expense and pain.

A bad web server leads to increased downtime for your website, slow or nonexistent email exchanges and (sometimes) a crippling crash, a heart attack of the circuit board.

That’s why we take servers very, very seriously at Metal Potato. We are constantly working to make sure all of our customer’s websites are hosted on the most healthy, most reliable web servers on the Internet. We call that service Potato Care. It’s a service that has taken us on a journey around the interwebs in search of the world’s fastest and most reliable servers, the ones with the highest up-time (over 99%) and fastest load speeds worldwide. We delved into dedicated in-house server racks, cloud-based hosting and finally, most recently, we’ve come full circle by utilizing a two-pronged approach that combines the best of both worlds.

Using both dedicated servers in the U.S. and London, as well as Cloudflare’s cloud-based DNS services, we’re speeding up websites by as much as 40 percent. Why do we do this? Owning the hardware gives us full control over the server software that makes your website’s heart beat. That means we can operate quickly and easily should a problem arise. Combining that with Cloudflare gives our websites an unprecedented 99.9999 percent uptime, with automatic daily backups dating back 12 months.

Potato Care is the best hosting solution for WordPress-based websites in the world, bar-none. And it all starts with our servers.