Having a modern website design is as essential for any business as having a front door. The reality is that your website is, in many ways, the first door a potential customer will open before entering your business.

That’s not something that’s new to you. It’s not ground breaking news. But it does highlight something important—owning a modern website is an investment. And, just like a personal savings account, it’s an investment that everybody should make.

Unfortunately, not everybody has a personal savings account, and not every business can invest heavily into a new, modern website all at once. That’s why so many small businesses end up with cut-rate websites that deliver cut-rate results, which really, is a shame. The smallest businesses are the ones who need a great online front door the most—they’re the underdogs, the warriors scratching and clawing their way up in the world.

We know what that’s like. To all of the small business warriors out there—we haven’t forgotten you. We want to give you a way to own a world-class website, too. So, if your business isn’t quite ready for an upfront investment into a modern, responsive website, we have a solution for you. Here’s the deal:

Web Design Finance

Normally, websites by Metal Potato require a 50% downpayment on work with the additional 50% due upon completion of the project. It’s a pretty straightforward deal. However, great websites require careful time and thought to build, which can add up to a sizeable two-part investment. That’s why we offer a new, Spud Warrior package.

Spud Warrior enables any small business to afford an unbeatable website. With the Spud Warrior Web Design Finance deal, you still pay a 50% downpayment on your new, responsive website; but—and this is a big but—your final 50% gets split over a three month period. We do this for two reasons. 1) It helps small businesses who want to minimise disruption to their cashflow. 2) We really like coming up with catchy, potato-themed programs (see: Potato Care).

To qualify for the Spud Warrior program, your website must agree to host through one of our Potato Care packages, which starts at £15 per month. For businesses using the web design financing offer, the first three months of Potato Care are free. Then, when your website balance is paid off, regular Potato Care payments begin. That includes hosting, security updates, daily backups and plugin updates.

Spud Warrior. We think it’s a great way for anyone to receive a modern website at an easy-to-handle rate. And if that sounds like a good idea for your business, we think you should contact us today.