He’s controversial, he’s inexperienced, some say he’s a maniac, and he’s a leading candidate to become the next President of the United States. You know Donald Trump’s name because he was famous long before he threw his hat—or wig—into the ring as a candidate for the American Republican Party’s nomination for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Race. Trump’s name has been synonymous with wealth and shrewd business tactics for decades, but his latest project, win or lose, is a already case-study in business tactics.

Trump has created a media frenzy that’s spread all the way to Europe on the heels of a can-do attitude that is at times comical and surreal. He ignores most legitimate political topics and instead focuses intently on his core belief: that he is the man to “make America great again.” And by shear power of will, he is dragging a legion of American’s who are discontent with the current, Democratic-led Obama administration with him.

From across the pond, it’s a bizarre scene to watch unfold. Six months ago, Trump’s candidacy was something of a joke. Now, he is a real threat to disrupt the elections. It’s as if he’s using the old school-boy parlor trick of “act like you belong somewhere and people will think you do” to incredible effect. In essence, he really is. Fake it ’till you make it, they say.

Trump It!

For businesses that are just starting out, that’s not a bad approach. On the heels of that strategy, Trump has become a legitimate upstart candidate in one of the most important elections on the planet. The same policy could work for any upstart business that dreams on disrupting a market; of course, if Trump wins…his card will be called, and he’ll have to back up all of the boisterous proposals and lofty expectations that he has so far had the luxury of ignoring. Let that be a lesson: fake it till you make it only works if your company, your team, your business strategy is truly capable when you do make it.

In the next 12 months, Donald Trump might go up in smoke. Then again, he might just make it in the big leagues. What will your business do?