The website design community is perhaps one of the quickest-moving industries in the world today. A few years ago, most people would never dream of running a professional website on a blog platform; yet, WordPress is now the go-to option for anyone serious about content management.

Our industry changes at the drop of a hat—sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad. And lately, firms have been testing out new ways for clients to purchase their services; mainly, giving people the option to rent a website.

Right now, Metal Potato is falling in line with most of our contemporaries, at least on billing. We charge a deposit, then settle the rest once a project is complete. Really, the thought hadn’t occurred to us to do it any other way.

But since we’re a web design company who changes aesthetically every few months, we have a keen eye on the unseen, back-end of our operations as well. After all, the devil is in the details!

This has our curiosity peaked about the rent a website model.

We’ve noticed small business owners being targeted by this model and think it’s an interesting proposition. After all, website design can be a significant investment if you’re on a tight budget. But then again, who wants to add another monthly bill when you can just knock it out up front?

So we’re asking you—designers and consumers—what do you think? Would you rather pay for your next website design the traditional way? Or would you rather pay a smaller, monthly fee to rent a website?

Let us know by hitting the contact link at the top or (even better) tweeting us @MetalPotatoUK!