We make website maintenance easy by bringing hosting, email, security and maintenance all under one roof. We created Potato Care as an additional resource to completely round out our web design services. We believe the best team to maintain your website is the team that built it.

When website errors arise, fixing them can often be a scramble. Often, website hosting, maintenance and design is handled by two—or sometimes three—separate companies. That means when problems happen, coordinating a quick solution isn’t an option.

Potato Care is your solution to that problem. We make WordPress Maintenance easy by bringing hosting, email, security and maintenance under one roof. Potato Care provides rapid-fast web hosting and email services, WordPress plugin and software updates, as well as security and daily backups of your entire website.

That means when something breaks, we’ve got the tools and the keys to keep your website online.

Take Control of Your Hosting

Website downtime is an inevitable reality, but our services can restore your website to fully-operational status in a matter of minutes, not days. Potato Care-hosted websites have over 99% up-time. For an eCommerce site, that percentage can be the difference between making or losing a sale. For a media site, it could decide whether or not a story goes viral. And for every website, uptime is a critical—but sometimes overlooked—investment.

How it Works

  • Minimising website downtime: The frequency and duration of downtime is within your control. With a good WordPress Maintenance program, downtime can be very rare and limited to the time it takes to restore a backup of your website. (Often, minutes.)
  • Reducing your costs: Some downtime is inevitable. And, it is expensive. Potato Care not only minimises downtime, it also takes care of troubleshooting, applying website patches, fixing problems and quickly restoring your website to get you back to normal operations. And because Potato Care is billed monthly at a fair rate, you won’t be left with a shocking, unexpected bill for a breakdown. Potato Care keeps you online longer and allows you to budget safely for the unexpected.
  • Giving you peace of mind: You’re already familiar with our work. You know we take care of our customers at Metal Potato. Let us handle the most technical aspects of your website for you while you kick back and enjoy the benefits of a modern, responsive web design.

It’s that simple. No more runaround. No more contact lists full of phone numbers. Your website is safe and secure—and quickly repairable—thanks to one team.

Potato Care is a new kind of website hosting. Potato Care is an all-in-one solution for any serious website owner. With Potato Care, we take care of your website so you can take care of business!