Can Metal Potato help me launch a complete website, including design, development and deployment?

Yes. Our projects are nearly always built from the ground-up – Metal Potato will develop your site based on your needs, not on our capabilities. And, for what it’s worth, we don’t believe in overcomplicating the process by suggesting gratuitous bells and whistles. To build your site, we will spend time with you strategising what is needed – excellent design and graphics, concise programming, detailed review, a launch date, and ongoing maintenance to keep your site humming.

Will my website be like all of the ones I see in your samples?

It will be designed based on your needs and preferences. Do-it-yourself websites are a dime a dozen, but Metal Potato builds custom, responsive websites that are specifically tailored to your business or organisation. We will build your website around you. We won’t shoehorn awkward layouts or features into a website that kind-of/sort-of fits your business. Your website will be tailored like a fine, custom suit.

Can I afford a Metal Potato-built website?

Given that Metal Potato’s thorough process is critical to the success of our projects, a bespoke website option starts at £3,000. As with any product tailored to you, the difference is in the fit, the finish and how much better you look with it on. Assuming we can meet your requirements and expectations, we also offer a less bespoke option – designing and configuring a WordPress-themed website. These are quoted individually.

Once you’re finished with my site, is it over?

We hope not! Ninety percent of Metal Potato’s customers return within four years for another project. Our relationships last, whether they renew themselves every few years as businesses evolve, or involve weekly chats for ongoing advice and support. Our customers are our family. Our Potato Family.

Does Metal Potato guarantee its work?

You may have noticed that Metal Potato values its long-term relationships. We don’t just slap together sites and throw our customers to the wolves. You will be able to inspect your site before it goes live to make sure it looks and functions the way it is supposed to. Also, if it turns out that there are major bugs in the code we have written or installed, the problem will be fixed right away. We also offer an ongoing service option for your site, Potato Care (see below).

What is Potato Care?

We know the importance of peace of mind regarding your website. That’s why for a modest fee we offer Potato Care, so that your site is equipped with the ever evolving coding and plugins that keep your site mobile-friendly, secure and working to its full capacity. Potato Care includes ongoing hosting, monthly inspections for updated plugins and software, and full security, including back-ups that virtually eliminate downtime. In short, we’ll take care of your website, while you take care of your business. Click here to learn more about Potato Care.

What about SEM and SEO?

Metal Potato offers a full range of SEM services, including SEO, to maximise your site’s exposure to the people you’d most like to reach. We will be happy to discuss your needs and help you develop an SEM strategy. We also offer a word of caution regarding SEO companies making big promises. The salad days of SEO are over. Just as you’re not going to be able to secure a £20 url for, say, hats.com, “guaranteed” Google page-rankings are costly and cannot truly be guaranteed. On the other hand, keyword search and analysis may be used in very effective ways other than SEO. Let us show you how!


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