History calls it the Dark Ages. Medieval times were marked by the loss of ancient knowledge, the burning of books and unrelenting disease and warfare. In online terms, that basically describes the early-2000’s.

Da Vinci’s Renaissance ended the Dark Ages, followed by the Age of Enlightenment and Adam Smith, the Industrial Revolution and Henry Ford, then the Modern Era with Steve Jobs. Each progression of human civilisation brought with it medical advances that vanquished disease, political treaties that at least tried to limit war, and new technologies that took our civilisation quite literally to heights unseen. So shouldn’t your website be advancing, too?

Yeah. It really should.

If you’re still surviving with a website based in an early-2000’s style of architecture, it’s time to make a change. You know the site—it looks bad on a mobile device, you have to pinch and squeeze to read the copy, it’s loaded with outdated graphics and an eCommerce store that works in theory. In the back of your mind, you know the truth: if this store looked fresher, if it was easy to read on mobile, if people could order with the simple press of a button, you would make more money.

So why are you waiting to invest in a new website?

A modern, responsive website looks great on any device. It also improves your search engine rankings, brand recognition, and the overall user experience of your website. It’s an investment in your future—not an expense for the present.

Modern websites are what we do here at Metal Potato. We’ve been building websites for over a decade, and in that time we have never stopped pushing the boundaries of web design. The results have been spectacular. Some of our eCommerce clients bring in millions of pounds, or dollars, per year. You see, we’re a global team: a global team building beautiful, effective websites that can take your company out of the Dark Ages and into the vanguard of the Modern Era with a fresh new look.

Shoot us an email today to find out how. It’s surprisingly more affordable than you may imagine.