When you outgrow a Wix website, it's time to step up to WordPress. In September of 2017, the Quarter Life Health Project founder Steph Kazolides reached out for a redesign of her growing yoga retreat business. She'd built a good following using a self-designed website from Wix; but as business began to grow, she needed a website that could do more of the heavy lifting for her. We were ready to rock, however as sometimes happens in the work world, we wouldn't hear from Steph again for several months.

Eight days. That's all the time we had to complete this project when Steph reached back out in December. "I'm ready," she said. "I have all of the content, and I need to launch next Monday." Within days, a fully modern WordPress website was ready for her: a full eCommerce enabled website built with WordPress and WooCommerce. It's got the flexibility and strength to tackle small business needs and a fully-customized look that can't be built by any old blokes on a do-it-yourself website. The result is beautiful, and proof that even in a pinch, we'll work to get the job done flawlessly.

Quarter Life Health Project
Quarter Life Health Project

The team went above and beyond during our new site launch. True to their word, Metal Potato delivered a cutting-edge site on time, even when that involved volunteering to cut a holiday night short to do so.
Joe Sills